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I have a twin who's insane... but I guess that makes me insane too.
I love animals, except opossums... they freak me out.
Live in me a Hoosier and face my redhead fury.
I'm from Missouri so I will defend the South until I die... do NOT get me started on the Civil war.
I am a redhead, NOT a ginger. Ginger is a derogatory term... like calling a black person 'the N word'.
  • Mood: Rant
  • Playing: Halo
So my older sister picked my twin and I up from summer school today... fun.

She has been in three car wrecks in the past year or so. The first one was when all three of us were in the car... it flipped 5 1/2 times. Then she slid off the road while going to practice and hit a pole. In the recent one she backed into a truck, got angry, and proceeded to hit a pole.

You can see why it's fun now, right?

So she pulled onto the road, into the WRONG lane. She was on her phone and my twin freaked... like a normal person would if the driver was in the wrong lane with a truck coming. She yelled at her, saying nothing was wrong, and then this time on purpose got into the left lane... again with a truck coming.

Then she was speeding. This freaked both of us out... that first wreck was caused by her speeding. She yelled at me this time.

We got out of town and she realized that her GPS wasn't there (our dad had taken that and her wallet out because she hadn't locked her car four times even when he told her to). So... my genius sister, in all her wisdom, looked away from the road to look in the glove compartment. She swerved and was about to go off the road. What do we do? WE FREAK! She yelled at us, again, saying she WAS paying attention... to the road... with her head... facing the other way... makes sense. *shrugs*

She started speeding again. This time I asked her to slow down. She ignored me and sped up... like the wonderful person that she is. Finally I lost it. I told her to either slow down or stop and let me out. She slammed of the breaks, sending our nine year old dog flying into the back of her seat. I opened the door... and she starts driving again... with the door open.

When we got home she yelled at me some more, waking my dad up. She then tried to get ME in trouble, saying I can't criticize her driving when I don't even have my license. (That first wreck was around the time when I could get my permit and I was too shook up to take the test so I'm a little behind) She said she's sick of everyone thinking she's a bad driver. Let's count here:

- Flipped car 5 1/2 times (Our dad's car)
- Hit pole (Going too fast on ice) (Our mom's old car)
- Hit truck (I told her it was there and she didn't listen) and pole (anger management?) (Her car)

Yep... A+ driver. *claps*

So here I am... trying to calm down enough so I won't go punch her in the face... playing Halo so I can get some anger out.

Whoever said video games make us violent was way off... they keep me from being violent in real life.

My rant is over... I'm going to go back to shooting aliens.

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